Ursa Major - Grooming Review

Every so often, an indie company comes along and surprises us. Ursa Major did just that. Their products seem minimalistic and quaintly organic. After trying their face wash, face tonic and face wipes, I was thoroughly impressed. Peruse their website and you will find certain prominent key words: “natural,” “sublime” and “robust.” (“Robust” is used on nearly every page and every product. In fact, even when they get tired of using it, they still continue to use it - “Sure these wipes are refreshing but just as important they’re "r-o-b-u-s-t.” (I teasingly considered sending them a Thesaurus.) The Vermont-based company evaluates each product with three questions: Is it effective? Is it healthy? Is it sublime? After trying their products, it’s apparent that Ursa Major really does craft their formulas with each question in mind.

The Fantastic Face Wash is a potent cleanser that thoroughly cleans the skin and leaves it feeling matte-dry without feeling dried out or tight. It boasts a recipe of cedar, spearmint, lime, lemon,rosemary, black spruce, oweyhee, vetiver and lavender… and no, I don’t know what owyhee or vetiver are, but apparently they are important. The scent of this wash is intense, but in a way that snaps you back to life after a night’s heavy sleep. It is a powerful and pungent organic blend that invokes earthy medicinal and strong cedar notes. Perhaps my greatest praise of this product is its long-lasting effects. I wash my face in the morning and tend to get a bit of oily skin in the afternoon, but with this wash I felt the effects all day. Well into the afternoon, I still felt as fresh as when I used the face wash. Not bad from a product that is 99.5% natural and 50% organic! $26 for 8oz.

The 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic is an amazing brew to keep in your arsenal. The 4-in-1 refers to its use as a 1) cleanser to go, 2) exfoliator, 3) post-shave healer, and 4) toner. Like the face wash, this tonic is a powerful elixir that removes oil and clears the skin. It soothes and refreshes your face leaving it matte-dry and clear. The scent is still very organic and natural, but boasting a blend of aloe, bamboo and lemon, it has a brighter and more mildly citrus scent than the face wash. This is a great item to have on hand anywhere you might need to freshen up. While trying it out, I left it in my desk at work and only needed it once a day. This stuff works great and lasts! $24 for 8oz.

The Essential Face Wipes come in a pack of twenty and are the most convenient way to instantly revive your face. They boast the benefits I’ve come to expect of Ursa Major’s products and the actual wipe is a wonderfully soft cloth. Like the tonic, the wipes feature a similarly bright and clean scent, and they noticeably calm and freshen the skin. Those on the go will appreciate these wipes as they are incredibly effective, soothing and convenient. $24 for a 20-pack.

Ursa Major has captured a customer in this reviewer. “Impressed” isn’t strong enough and for someone who was teasing this company about their limited use of adjectives, I have no words. Bravo, Ursa Major.

Find these products and more on their website at: www.ursamajorvt.com