Brand Highlight - Lexdray

I stumbled across this brand online and fell in love with their wares.  Lexdray is a relatively young brand, founded in 2009.  Like us, they started in New York and have a laser focus on what they do; lifestyle and travel accessories brand recognized for its use of smart design concepts, superior craftsmanship and high quality materials.  If you are a globetrotter or travel frequently for work, you need to check out their array of products.  Everything they have is not only meticulously designed to look good, which they do, but to perform exceptionally for traveling. 

Besides their stuff looking great, every item is limited in quantity.  So unlike your Tumi bag, odds are you won't see too many other folks on your flight with the same gear as you.  All of their products are individually numbered not only for exclusivity however, this system makes sure they keep their quality control up to their vigorous standards.  It's a lot easier for QC when you only have 300 units of an item and are not cranking out hundreds of thousands of products like the big brands are. 

About the Designer and some words of wisdom from Alex;

Having traveled quite a bit in my life, I’ve come to appreciate the finer points of a really good bag. I’ve long been inspired by Japanese craftsmanship and superior fabrications. This passion encouraged me to merge old-school quality with new-world refinement and functionality. I’m constantly studying bags, and I’ve kept close tabs on all the things I wished a handsome, modern bag could offer, but never did. As a designer I’ve tried to make my bags identifiable in a very precise yet simple way—from sourcing the finest, most durable and wearable materials to hyper-refining each bag’s performance down to a T. Each Lexdray piece is built for modern life, wherever that may take you.

I respect their pillars of principles as well; Function, Style, Quality and Innovation.

Function - Each element of a Lexdray bag has been created with a distinct need in mind—every pocket has been measured to hold specific items, every shoulder strap has been designed for total comfort. We know your gym bag doesn’t require the same features as your weekend bag, so we’ve scrutinized how these pieces work in your life and how each can enhance that activity—simply by being more functional.

Style - The signature look of a Lexdray bag is equal parts modern and classic to create a style that’s timeless and universal. Our bags complement you wherever you may travel—from the beach to the boardroom.

Quality - True utility is a result of quality materials and superior fabrications. By combining resilient textiles and high quality hardware with clever design concepts, Lexdray bags are exceptionally performance driven and durable.

Innovation - At Lexdray, our goal is to make bags that really are smarter than the rest. We do extensive research and partner with industry experts whenever possible to inform our designs. Many Lexdray features are completely unique with innovative twists you won’t find anywhere else. Striking a balance between utility and style, each bag is versatile, ergonomic, and lightweight.

Do yourself a favor and check out the brand, you would be hard pressed to find something you couldn't utilize in your life.  For heavy travelers, it is a no-brainer, their stuff can take a beating because of the durable materials used.  For more info or purchasing, here is their site -

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