Blindfold - Wine Review


Blindfold, 2012 - California

Alcohol - 14.5%

The blend; 35% Chardonnay - 60% Rhone Whites (Viognier, Roussanne, Marsanne, Grenache Blanc) - 5% Aromatics (Semillon and Riesling).

The aging; 25% new oak (French and Hungarian) - 60% neutral oak - 15% stainless steel for 10 months.

Tired of drinking inside the box?  We found something for you...

Pale honey color with long viscous legs, this wine preludes the nose with nutty spice, resembling the under appreciated white Rhone's of France.  Beginning notes of cantaloupe and pineapple give way to the velvety Roussanne varietal, coating the tongue with honey and sealing in the finish until the next sip.  The hefty 14.5% alcohol is incorporated well and doesn't exhibit any heat on the palate. 

Pairing - (extremely food friendly) Light proteins, ALL CHEESE (even the stinky cheese, which we love so much), Asian and Indian cuisine and any light proteins that incorporate buttery French sauce. 

R's rating - 4.5/5

Ryan Klampfer