2017 Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé - Wine Review

bandol rose.jpeg

Rosé from the Bandol appellation of Provence - Domaine Tempier

Price - $38

Mourvèdre (50 %), Grenache (28%), Cinsault (20%), Carignan (2%)

Color - It is a beautiful pale pink, like raw salmon but not as saturated.

Nose - This is a peach bomb, difficult to pick lots of other notes as this is the dominant scent, maybe a tertiary citrus/red fruit (mostly grapefruit and strawberry). 

Palate - The peach shows up again, not in an overly sweet way though.  It is crisp and balanced, great acidity and the slight citrus shows up on the finish. 

Overall, a great wine and arguably one of the best rosé wines in the world.  There is a reason it is so sought after year after year.  It is a quintessential expression of rosé and should not be overlooked if you enjoy the pink drink. 



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