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What is your background?

I am Nigerian, but am living in the UK. I wanted to pursue my passion in the arts as I am trained pianist, producer and mix engineer, didn’t see that one coming right? (chuckles)

I started my own record studio with a friend but after a few years I decided to go into film making which was a very hard transition to make but it paid off because that’s where things literally changed for me. I am a colourist for my Film/Media house called Relative Motion Media and we shoot major fashion /beauty editorials for brands like Philip Kingsley, Revamp, OPI , Nugg Beauty , Noughty and more.

As a colourist I love to play with colours so you can understand my sudden love for colours as I immersed my self in the line of fashion which started after I lost almost 60kg and wanted to do something to help sustain my target when I started loosing the weight, and style it was.

What is it about menswear/fashion that you wanted to pursue a career in it?

I am in my 40s and I felt men my age have been all but losing interest in style which kind of makes us feel like dinosaurs when it comes to how you are dressed. That alone can make you feel old and on your way out. I wanted to changed that with a community of men older and younger I could inspire I could build if possible.

Th pieces I pick have no age restrictions either. I want to encourage men especially older men that the young cats have nothing on us. (chuckles)

I also felt that men’s fashion has always been about price but I wanted to change that. I wanted to let them know it’s not about the pieces but you as a man, giving the everyday man ( my audience) hope that style isn’t a distant land you cannot achieve regardless of your pocket size.

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Aside from fashion, what are some of your major interests?

I love traveling when I can. I also love to play tennis. These are some of the only times I can relax.

The focus on men’s style seems to have increased in the past few years; why do you think that is?

I think men are beginning to realise style is for every one and so it’s not beyond reach, menswear has now moved from just a few wearing sleek pieces to everyman being able to look stylish with great prices at different levels of affordability.

In the past if it’s not a popular brand on you then it won’t be considered as fashionable or seven stylish but the internet has opened the plain and horizon of engagement that they are countless brands out they for everyone to express themselves in.

Style is a way to communicate to the world, what do you hope your style says about you?

Style is yours to own, simple and short. Don’t think you cannot be stylish because of the size of your wallet or what someone else is able to put on. Style is what you make of it and, essentially, are the details you emphasize through your expressions in the pieces you put together.

As my slogan states “wear it and own it” regardless of whether someone likes it or not, if you like it then own it and love it.

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Who are your style icons?

For style icons I would say David Gandy. I know that is not what people would’ve expected to read but I love something about his expression of style. So I have called it simple, with grit but suave. It doesn’t feel rehearsed or overdo-ed, so suave comes to mind. It looks so effortless but with so much detail to look out for.

His style is mixture of the consciousness of body type and capsule (pieces).

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What is the one item in your closet that gets the most use?

My Navy wool mix blazer. For work, play, dinners, weddings et al.

Do you have any style pet peeves (does anything you see that men wear bother you)?

To be honest I won’t wear certain things or styles (yet). Style is simply an expression and because we are all different we would have different approaches, I’ll accept you for your style no matter what, style is a nature of communication and acceptance.

I also don’t like to be in a box with how I dress because I like to share in everyone’s expression that’s how I can relate more with the different people and the different cultures I come across.

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What are the 3 essential items every man should have in their closet?

1- A navy suit blend is a must because of it’s versatility (wool blend)

2- A pair of dark brown shoes, preferably oxfords

3- A white dress shirt, which goes without saying

In a wardrobe, what are the most important pieces for a man to invest money in and what are some items to compromise on?

A really good dress shirt is so important and a well cut and fitted dress shirt will make lots of statements and show off the attention details. A good suit blend as well to invest in. Buy what you can afford, it’s not about compromise to me.

What is the best trend you see emerging for next season?

The high waisted Gurkha pants with 5 inch turnips are slowly making their way into every season and it such a manly cut for me especially for older men. It’s speaks the language of detail.

Do you have any advice for men who want to start dressing better but don’t know where to begin?

Do not look at all the pieces you see and get overwhelmed by that.

Start simple; go for plain colours first, I know you might like all the colours and all the fancy pieces you see but start of with plain piece and get once you have covered ground on that you can start collecting more diverse piece in patterns and colours.

For example you first suit cannot be a red suit or a window pane suit as it’ll be difficult to wear that over knowing you have a limited wardrobe.

Thank you so much Efe, it was a pleasure. Please take a look at Efe’s Instagram for some amazing inspiration, his handle is @stileelegantman and his site is www.stileelegantman.com

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